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Powerful Services start with Powerful Preparation As a worship leader, we want God to truly move in each and every service we put together. Being in God’s presence is Powerful! Have you had an experience where God really showed up in a service? Have you heard of another church, been to a concert or conference, or seen video of congregations fully engaged in God’s presence and wondered… “How does that happen? Could God ever use me to lead something like that? How could I bring that kind of worship to my church?” Follow the guide in this book and learn how to turn your church into a POWERHOUSE! This is not just another book on worship philosophy, but is a practical, step by step manual to be used by any Worship leader in order to increase the Effectiveness and Power of their rehearsals. Powerful Services start with Powerful Preparation. Powerful Rehearsals are a critical step in building a worship environment that welcomes God’s spirit and the hearts of your congregation. Whether you are a seasoned veteran in worship ministry with 30+ years of experience in leading teams, you’ve been leading for a few years and are looking to increase your skills, or you are just starting out and want to learn how to lead a rehearsal the right way, this book is for you! The content in this book is a product of over 20 years study in leadership, 1,000’s of hours in music rehearsals, and varying culture experience in ministry spanning the entire US. You will learn each critical step on how to Build a Strong Worship Culture, Grow Your Teams, and conduct a Powerful Rehearsal which leads to a Powerful Worship Service! BECOME A STRONG LEADER BUILD POWERFUL REHEARSALS EXPERIENCE GOD’S PRESENCE


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  1. Simple Rehearsal Syllabus
  2. Expanded Rehearsal Syllabus
  3. Stage Setup Guide
  4. Sound Check Guide
  5. Song Evaluation Guide
  6. Develop Transitions Process
  7. The Mark of a Powerful Rehearsal


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POWERHOUSE – Now Available on Amazon.com in Paperback and eBook Formats

Click Here to Order Now on Amazon.com!