Worship Mentor

Building a relationship with your church’s worship leader to help in the spiritual journey of building engaging worship services, coaching in techniques and being a support for the challenges of ministry.

Topics for Mentoring Include

  1. Leading Worship – Training
  2. Tools / Tricks of the Trade
  3. Building a Set
  4. Introducing New Songs
  5. Sustaining Momentum / Transitions
  6. Encouragement
  7. Team Building
  8. Technology in Worship
  9. Choosing the Right Gear
  10. Working with a Budget
  11. Building Vision into your Worship Department
  12. Planning for Growth
  13. Authenticity – Spiritual Development
  14. …Many More

If you’d like to setup a mentor program, or are interested in more information, fill out the form below and let us know some ways we can help.

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